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Frequently asked questions

What on earth is “Araucaria” then?

Araucaria araucana at ChatsworthIt’s the name of a group of trees. Here in Scotland, the best known is Araucaria araucana, commonly known as the monkey-puzzle tree. It is commonly seen as a large ornamental tree in parks and gardens. It comes originally from Chile and Argentina, where it grows in large forests on the slopes of the Andes (some nice photos on this site). The tree in the photo is an impressive mature specimen at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.

Also well known is Araucaria heterophylla, the Norfolk Island pine. Unfortunately, this lovely tree is not hardy enough to grow outdoors in Scotland, but it is sometimes seen in greenhouses.

Wikipedia has lots of useful information about the genus, and there are more pictures here. And here are some more photos we took at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens.

What other Araucarias are out there?

You might (or might not) have been looking for one of these:

  • Araucaria is a software tool for analysing arguments. It aids a user in reconstructing and diagramming an argument using a simple point-and-click interface. The software also supports argumentation schemes, and provides a user-customisable set of schemes with which to analyse arguments.
  • Araucaria (aka John Graham) is the best-known and best-loved of all British crossword constructors. His crosswords appear regularly in The Guardian and the Financial Times, and have baffled and entertained crossword enthusiasts for almost forty years.
  • What makes Australia’s wildlife so different? Enjoy finding out with Araucaria Ecotours.
  • A Linux software development group.
  • A design company in Pennsylvania.
  • A company making traditional archery equipment.
  • Or a poem by Pablo Neruda, from his Canto General:

    Todo el invierno, toda la batalla,
    todos los nidos del mojado hierro,
    en tu firmeza atravesada de aire,
    en tu ciudad silvestre se levantan.

    La cárcel renegada de las piedras,
    los hilos sumergidos de la espina,
    hacen de tu alambrada cabellera
    un pabellón de sombras minerales.

    Llanto erizado, eternidad del agua,
    monte de escamas, rayo de herraduras,
    tu atormentada casa se construye
    con pétalos de pura geología.

    El alto invierno besa tu armadura
    y te cubre de labios destruidos:
    la primavera de violento aroma
    rompe su sed en tu implacable estatua:
    y el grave otoño espera inútilmente
    derramar oro en tu estatura verde.

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