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About Araucaria Computing

Araucaria Computing is the name for my IT support, training and web design business, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a very small business (just me, Chris Booth!) which I hope means you get a personalised service rather than a faceless corporation.

About me

No, I will not fix your computerI have over 25 years experience working for voluntary sector organisations, NGOs and campaigning groups. For many years I worked in the peace movement, as editor and production worker of the anti-militarist magazine Peace News, and with War Resisters’ International, the international network of anti-war campaigns.

My first (paid) work with computers was with GreenNet a London-based ISP which specialises in connecting people and groups who work for peace, the environment, gender equality and human rights.

In 1995 I started business as Araucaria Computing, offering a wide range of computer support services to small voluntary sector organisations, first in London, and for the past 9 years in Edinburgh, where I've worked with a wide range of voluntary groups, academic clients and individuals.

I also have a degree in Zoology and Sociology of Science, and a postgraduate diploma in Humanistic Psychology and Group Facilitation.

Circuit Riders

I often describe my job as a “Circuit Rider”. As the LASA website explains:

UK Circuit RidersCircuit Riders are technology development and support workers, each of whom supports a caseload of voluntary sector organisations the same way a development worker might. As well as technical knowledge, Circuit Riders have the skills to help organisations understand and develop strategies so they can make the best use of technology. Circuit Riders are grassroots-based, and understand the values and practices of the voluntary and community sector (VCS).

The UK Circuit Riders site has more information. There’s also an email list for circuit riders. I am a signatory to the Circuit Rider Principles.


I believe that computers and information technology need not feed oppression, but can be powerful tools of liberation for those working to change society. I aim to support and empower those who are promoting a just society, building community, and working for a sustainable environment. I try to be accessible to the widest possible range of people, and I charge a fair, affordable price for my work.

Free/Open source software

Wherever possible, I try to recommend free/open source software; it costs less, is more in harmony with the ethical stance of many voluntary sector organisations, and in many cases is superior to equivalent proprietary software.


Organisations I have worked for recently include:

I’ve a separate page showing some of my web design work.

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Other things I’m involved with

Outside work, here are some of the things I’ve been busy with recently:

  • My Hovercraft is Full of Eels: Blog of our journey overland from Scotland to Greece this summer.
  • Protest in Harmony: Edinburgh-based radical singing group.
  • PEDAL -> Portobello Transition Town: We are working to create a vibrant sustainable Portobello which can help combat climate change by reducing fossil fuel use through re-localising.
  • Nonviolent action campaigns to get rid of nuclear weapons: I’m actively involved with Trident Ploughshares and Faslane 365.
  • Woodcraft Folk: My 10-year-old son Callum is an active member of our local Woodcraft group. Our group is a parent-run collective, so we all get involved with planning and running activities. (No, it’s not about woodcarving. Look at the national website for an idea of the things we get up to.)
  • South Edinburgh Quaker Meeting
  • Sempervivum: I’m part of the planning group for Sempervivum, a network of like-minded people who choose to meet up at different times of the year to explore and celebrate being together and being alive. It is open to anyone. The main event each year is a week-long residential at Laurieston Hall in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland — a chance to shake off the winter and tap into the creative, greening energy of spring.
  • Yoga

Personal stuff

Here is a page with some more personal stuff — mainly old photos, etc. You’re very welcome to have a look, but they might be a bit boring if you’re not me or a friend or relation…